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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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he was one of the most influential musicians of our time. he was a singer composer and you can't forget the falsteallo. >> mike mibach is on special assignment. i can't believe that prince died and i thought i read the headline incorrectly. only 57 years old. 7 years ago we lost michael jackson and now prince. you had an interesting story about you and prince and your parents. >> prince bridged the gap, the one artist that mom and dad liked him and i liked him and the song came on the radio, you could singalong. as kids, prince was something special. >> did you see him in contest? >> no, i didn't and i am sad.
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>> i remember seeing him in concert and i remember thinking this guy is so talented and such a performer because he talk to the audience. one of the best shows that i have seen. i was thinking there are very few people i would pay to see, beatles and the stones and michael jackson and prince. >> from 1985 to 1992, he released 8 albums. that's one a year. so he was not just this icon. this legend. he just kept the hits coming. how do you do that? >> you are incredible creative and talented. prince was found unfortunately in an elevator unresponsive in minnesota. out site minneapolis. the first responders a arrived on the scene and couldn't
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revive him. he was only 57 years old. reporter rick leventhal takes a look back at prince's career. >> reporter: an innovative singer and songwriter and incredible talent. a musical icon and made rock music with an incredible backbone. >> i do think that the word genius gets thrown around too much and he is one of the few pop artists that deserves it. >> reporter: the pop superstar was found dead thursday morning at his home outside of minneapolis. his publicist says with profound sadness i am
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confirming prince rogers williams has died at his home at the age of 57. no further details at this time. prince was 5'2" was a giant in the music industry. releasing 39 albums during his 35 year career including 1999, purple rain selling more than 100 million records with hits with little red corvette, let's go crazy and when doves cry. in 1993, prince made headlines for changing his name to a symbol. he was called the artist formally known as prince and he eventually took it back and returned to warner brothers a few years ago and never stopped recording music. sly and sexy performer. >> he did expect the people around him to be creative but not in an unforgiving way, that's how creative he was. >> reporter: reaction from the entertainment industry was stunned, this can't be real
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from justin timberlake and katy perry says the world lost a lot of magic. rest in peace, prince. thanks for giving us so much. >> kevin bacon wrote lots of guitars gently weeping today. >> it is hard to believe we would lose david bowie and prince in the same year. it is hard to talk about them in the past tense because their work is immortal. it is hard to process right now. the fact he is gone. >> reporter: prince suffered a serious bout with the flu and the local sheriff's office is investigating the cause of prince's death. rick leventhal, fox news. the news of prince's death so soon after david bowie's passing has shocked so many and rocked the music community. cristina rendon has more. >> reporter: it has been a day of sadness and shock for prince
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fans. taking a look at the paramount marquis sign saying our hearts are broken. prince rest in peace. prince, your music lives on and one of the many tributes we have seen around the bay area in honor of prince. going to video in berkeley. you can see the cds, the vinyl albums, the cassette tapes of prince are all sold out at that music store. they were playing prince music on repeat today and they expect to get more records in by saturday to meet the demand. there was a line of people outside the door waiting to get into purchase those cassettes and cds and those prince albums. and again here at the paramount theater this marquis was changed at noon and the general manager saying prince was just
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here in february performed two shows for fans. intimate and the fans say it was special and here is react from local fans. >> i am stunned. he was such a fantastic musician and artist and not just a musician but kind of a cultural icon. it is hard to believe. he is way too young to have gone. >> i just grew up on prince and now i'm like whoa, he is gone. it is like michael jackson. it is like whitney houston. these are people that mattered in music. they are icons. and taking another live look at the marquis here at paramount oakland. the general manager tells us she is in shock. a feeling we are getting from many people. there is a sense of shock and a sense of disbelief but they say the music will live on, the one thing that they will hold onto. we will have react from the prince coming up at six and
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ten. i got a note from someone on facebook that is saying that right now up in heaven you got prince, david bowie and michael jackson planning some super concert. >> and i want to throw whitney houston for that beautiful voice. >> exactly. >> plenty of you are sharing your thoughts and memories on the facebook page. you can log on and do the same if you would like. >> new details emerging in the case of a missing toddler and her mother that turned up dead in san francisco park two week ago. >> police inspectors announced there is an active for arianna and her 2-year-old and that fitts was buried alive. >> we are hearing a key potion of evidence that police released. what was that? >> reporter: a distinctive painted piece of plywood laid on top of nicole's shallow grave and police are hoping that someone will recognize it
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and step forward. we want to show you more. white and gray markings on it. authorities say that park crews discovered it doing work in mclaren park. underneath the wood they discovered the body of nicole fitts. laid in a fetal position in a shallow hole. nicole was last seen wearing her blue best buy shirt around 8:45 p.m. april 1st. a week before her body was discovered. she had been summoned to meet someone. friends say nicole had been arguing with her baby sitter that refused to turn over her daughter arianna to her and arianna is missing. >> over to the right are six pictures of a beautiful, smiling vibrant two-and-a-half- year-old girl that has not been seen for a couple of weeks or longer. somebody out there knows where
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she is. somebody out there has information. >> police and the f.b.i. have executed several search warrants they say in oakland and emeryville. yesterday they raided a home on castro street. it is the home of the babysitter and we spoke to the neighbors and hear what they had to say about the woman that is not considered a suspect but a person of interest from police from the very beginning. there have been red flags and we will tell you more at 5:00. volkswagen is set to spend more a billion dollars to compensate car owners in the emission scandal. will this be enough? we will explain the deal reached and what it will take to regain public trust. >> working on rain in the forecast, it will visit us for friday and we will have an impact on one of the commutes,
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maybe both. looking at highway 101. the hospital curves. lanes on the left, those folks headed towards the bay bridge. crowded and a little after
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4:00. we are talking about a little bit of cloud cover, a big difference from the last couple of days where we had the
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nice weather, record heat monday and tuesday temperatures in the 80s and live camera shot. here is the national map. raining in the south and out in the mississippi and ohio valley. it has been pouring out there and part of the complex that brought the heavy rain to houston and that massive flooding. travel tomorrow on your friday. you will see delays due to the rain on the east coast. a lot of it. will you see trickle down. boston, atlanta will have delays and it could pull back into chicago. what we have outside right now is a system that is winding up, you see it up here now to the north of us. nice little deal. for april, a good setup. we will see rain tomorrow mainly in the mid-morning, before afternoon hours. and we will see showers showing up and whenever you see the southerly wind you can hear that but it is southerly like this. that's the direction that is going around the low pressure
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system and that's how it rotates and that brings in warmer air and cooled us off because of the cloud cover. it also means that we are going to see rain starting after midnight in some parts of the north bay. nice weather system with snow in the mountains. 71 in concord and 68 in walnut creek. a live shot and when you see the clouds like that, that's stratus maybe. maybe alto stras tus and diablo. when you see the moisture you are seeing the lower levels of atmosphere as the system getting closer and filling up with water. against mound diablo and a higher mountain they condense and you get clouds. when you see the clouds, that kind of alto stratous clouds. you see the weather is changing. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. and cloudy and showers and temperatures tomorrow, we are
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talking greens, 60s. the forecast for oakland tomorrow, friday morning, morning commute will be wet. about lunchtime it dries up and a few more scattered showers after that but i think it will be widely scattered. main event, it will be in the morning hours before noon. main event in terms of temperatures, will be in the mid-60s. that's how it is going to go. mid 60s and gilroy you want upper 60s. a wet day up until noon. clearing for your saturday and sunday and then monday and tuesday, we get another chance maybe on tuesday for a few sprinkles there. so that is what we are talking about, frank and keba and it's just in time. not going to rain on friday and dry for the bay area week. bill, thank you. >> volkswagen owner furious
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over the emissions testing. there is a deal struck with the german company to let car owners sell their vehicles back or allow volkswagen to fix them. >> the details are figured out and we don't know how much the car owner will be paid if they sell the vehicle back. we don't know what is involved in the repair. but an unnamed source tells the associated press that volkswagen plans to spend more than a billion dollars to compensate the owners. >> the deal impacts 480,000 car owners. a lot of people that own the two litter four-cylinder engines. with us is consumer psychologist and golden state university professor kit yarrro. thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> your react to this deal,
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good for the consumer or do the volkswagen owners lose to it. >> it guess because it will be resolved. the volkswagen stock prices rose today. everyone wants a resolution. vw wants to move forward and so, yes, it is a good thing. a very good thing. >> we said the details are being worked out. but when it comes to these owners being able to sell back the cars, what do you suspect? do you think it will be worth it to sell it back? will they get enough of the money back? >> they are getting the value of the car, the kelly blue book value based on the time they bought it and plus additional funds. they haven't released the statement about how much they will get but i think v w is maked a concerted effort to do the right thing at this point. a little bit late. i think a lot of the people anyway that right thing should have been done a long time ago but the fact that they resolved this conflict in the way that consumers like the best. they have acknowledged the mistake and asked for
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forgiveness and outlined as close as they can what happened and trying to compensate and not trying to skirt the issue at all. i think that satisfies consumers that they are being taken care of. a lot of the wounds will never go away and the reputation of the company has been damaged. from the ownership perspective, a lot of what i hear is just, you know, the facts that it was a low emitting vehicle with sort after bonus, not the reason they bought the car entirely. a lot of consumers are happy about this. >> and i hear you. and they did the right thing eventually. my goodness talk about regaining the public's trust. i guess you have the volkswagen owners that love the vehicles and will have them forever and what about someone thinking about it. overall i guess what i'm asking do they recover and go on? they are about to spend a lot of money to fix the problem. >> it will take them a long time to recover. this is such a major blow, they were people that were
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questioning whether or not they would be able to recover at all, whether or not they would get to this phase. but we have seen some consumer forgiveness already. time does heal wounds and it depends on the actions they take going forward. without a doubt, this has been one of the biggest blows a company endure. they made a massive mistake when it comes to consumers' trust. it is something that consumers eventually, years from now might forgive. >> time will tell. we will see it in the numbers, right? >> yes. >> kit yarro. consumer psychologist and golden state professor. thanks for your time. >> my pleasure.
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>> steph curry back on the
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court. does this mean he will play in game three? we will tell you how his injured ankle was for practice.
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will he or won't we? the golden state warriors face the rockets in houston and key don't know if steph curry will be on the court or bench? he practiced at this morning's shoot-around. but he did not address the media but coach steve kerr did and there are are more questions than answers. >> nothing new. he look the like he was doing
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well. haven't made any decision. we will have to convene with the workout. and i would just say he is still a question. >> after shoot around, his ankle was tended to by the head performist therapist. if he can't play sean livingston will play. >> i can't believe they put him in. they don't need him. against the houston rockets. i don't think they are up to the level of the rockets. >> we go from the nba playoffs and the sharks now just one win away from advancing in the
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stanley cup. they beat the kings 3-2 and sp acenter. brett burns, joe pavelsky and patrick marlowe swung on power plays and the sharks had a 3-0 lead and the kings would close the gap with two goals in less than a few minutes and tried to win the game and the sharks tried to lead 3 games to won. the 4th win was tough. and you get desperate. game five is tomorrow night at staple center in la if the sharks win the series is over and they advance to the 2nd round to face the anaheim ducks or the predators. if the kings win they come back to santa fe for game six.
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hockey is not as popular. >> you are a big hockey fan. >> i am. i tell people if you have never gone to a game, just go to one game, spend the extra money to sit down low and if you sit down low you will have a great time. it's incredible. i love that game. coming up. his music left quite a mark. what does some of the biggest names have to say about prince? that part of the story when the four on 2 returns. let's go live outside of prince's compound. right near minneapolis. the tributes are starting to pour in. they sure are. prince found this morning. 57 years old.
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back in a moment. a crowd has gathered prince's paisley park compound in suburban minneapolis and fans are crying and keeping a vigil. prince was found unresponsive in an elevator on the compound and efforts to revive him failed. right now we don't know his cause of death but we know there was reports he has been
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sick and battling a bad bout of the flu. hospitalized on friday after his plane made an emergency landing to deal with the flu. reporter ted helder is outside the compound. what is it like being out there? >> reporter: it is surreal. mostly serene with the one exception the prince music. people dropping off purple flowers for the purple one at paisley park and people not from here it is hard to understand the mysterious presence that prince had in the community. at paisley park he would have
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parties that he would tweet out or email out hours before and invite strangers into his home. sometimes you would invite to go see a movie and that trust he had for his fans and for people here. i think that is why you are seeing people devastated by the news. he didn't move to hollywood or move to new york. he always stayed in minneapolis and that was his home. i worked in the mid-80s. i remember terry lewis, the producers helping them out with the records and it was the music capital of the company. >> that's why all of these
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artists we are hearing from that prince was influential. there is a venu in down minneapolis where he filmed purple rain. a must stop for acts. sometimes they will play in the stadium but they will stop by the club because of how loyal they were. they were at a local jazz club. he was cheering on the band. you can't underemphasize or influential he was for the music theme here internationally. >> when you look at the people there outside of his compound paying tribute to him. i feel it is all ages and prince was able to cross the line with all of the boundaries. >> you know it is funny, we
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don't think of minnesota as the most diverse state and in many ways it is not but you are seeing such a diverse crowd. i see lots of parents bringing their kids because they want their kids to understand how important prince was to them. i keep hearing people saying prince changed my life. several people said before i met my wife and husband, through prince. and his entire family was -- gave back to the fans. i saw prince's sister and brother-in-law and they thanked the fans for being here and prince wouldn't want you to catch a cold. that's the type of relationship he had. >> is there any indication that his health was declining? he performed out here, i don't know, maybe a month ago and i remember seeing video of him walking back to the coliseum and i know he was a small guy.
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but i thought he looks frail to me. did you get that sense at all? completely coming out of the blue? >> it came out of the blue. i saw prince at paisley park had the same reaction. he looked small and remember he had this plane, make an emergency landing on friday and the next day he performed at paisley park. not a full performance, a lot of it a party. >> i think we lost him. >> that's unfortunate but that was ted heller talking to us from minneapolis outside of prince's paisley park compound just about 20 minutes or so outside of minneapolis. he mentioned in a club where
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prince always performed. minnesota was his home. >> well, their reaction to the news of prince's death and take a listen. >> being in this job, you don't want to give misinformation and you want to give the fans the information as quickly as possible. as a fan myself, i am crying and i want to crawl under the table and i want to call my mom and i want to have this friend that i have traveled to see him. i have seen him a lot of times and just met him recently and a pleasure. i saw him at the paramount in oakland. and he did the after party at 1015 folsom and he was there. i said hi and we talked about music and rhythm and skyler
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gave me a quick moment and he gave us so many time. 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and still playing and i remember doing the tribute, dearly beloved. we are here to get through this thing called life. it was my wedding. he started off my wedding. dearly beloved. get through this thing called life. everybody laughed and thought it was cool and now we got to get through life. >> i discovered through controversy and i have been a fan ever since. i went to see purple rain in the theater three or four times because i couldn't get enough. loved the records and collected
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his music. he was one of a kind. people were calling into say how much he meant to them. female and male. all different ages, touched by his music. they were sharing their reflections and grief. and their regret of losing someone so young and incredibly talented. >> i got chills listening to this thing called life and we have to deal with it without prince like she said. oprah winfrey says the doves are crying listening to your music and remembering you. justin timberlake saysnum, stunned, this can't be real. >> mc hammer tweeted out i loved this man too soon. can't comprehend it. true. heaven is yours and rest in peace, prince. >> and the creator of hamilton tweeted dearly beloved we are
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here today to get through this thing called life and a lot of people are using that on social media. frank, it gets to the point that there are so many classic great songs that will take you back to a certain memory. >> i was reading a couple of quotes from prince who sum up who he is. the most important thing is to be true to yourself and i like the danger. that's missing from pop music. no excitement and mystery. all people care about nowadays is getting paid and they try to do what the audience wants them to do. i would rather give the audience what they need as opposed to just what they want. >> and that seems like it sum up prince exactly. we were talking earlier in the newsroom and i was stunned to remember, i think maybe i knew this but he wrote manic monday and nol compares to you.
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sha nay o'conor. sha kaka. >> the guy, there is no other way to say it, one of a kind incredible talented. one of those people that come across or comes along every so often. and remember, there are plenty of tributes, you on the ktvu page. you can go there and share your favorite prince memories. still come. popular with adults and now teenagers. how do you talk about the e cigarettes that you see everywhere? common sense media is here to explain how to have that conversation. no audio from bill martin now but we will hear from him.
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we'll be right back.
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tobacco use is a concern for teenagers and adults and e cigarettes and vapors are becoming popular. the centers for disease control has seen a 10 fold increase in e cigarettes by middle and high schoolers. some three million teens have
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used an e cigarette in the last year. i have a question from our special guest. i have a 17-year-old and was asking them about cigarettes and what she thinks and her first response was dad, that's disgusting i would never do that. >> i think that means you have done your job. we need to talk to kids early because middle schoolers are doing it. it is a different thing because the marketing for e cigarettes go straight to kids. >> one of the things my dad did. i hated smoking. maybe i was ten or something like that, my dad borrowed a cigarette from the people next door and brought it over and let me smoke it and i remember going oh, god, that's horrible. why do people do that? >> it is interesting you say that. the cdc is reporting that while smoking of cigarettes has gone down, nicotine use has stayed the same and nicotine is a
4:43 pm
thing that is highly addicted. e cigarettes bring in almost this veneer of held but obviously it is not true. so we have to make sure our kids are aware this is a real health risk and especially when their friend are doing it. >> yes. >> you are right. it is important to start young. i think that one of the most important things is don't say i don't do it because i said so. you have to share the facts with them. the facts are that this stuff is not safe. we don't know what is it in the products. some are preserved with formaldehyde and because of the marketing of the products is unique to kids. it is in convenient stores and online and parents are not necessarily seeing it but kids don't like to be tricked and they don't want to be duped by
4:44 pm
companies just trying to hook them on unsafe product. >> would it be a good idea to let them try it and see for themselves and hope they go like i did oh, that's awful. >> every family and every parenting style is different. i always say you know your kids the best. i think what is important we keep talking to our kids. we let them know these aren't safe products and with any harmful product that could be a health risk you want your kids to delay as long as possible because there are risks to the brain and body. >> let's say you find out your middle school child or high schooler is doing it and you didn't know and now you find out they are. do you come down hard and say you stop that right now? do you give them consequences or do you talk to them about it and hope that they would make the right decision which in my opinion would be to stop? >> you know, i'll sure a lot of parents are dealing and struggling with the issue.
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you find out and you see that some of the products are not necessarily tobacco. there may be a fruit flavored glycerine. parents need to realize that teens are in the phase of experimentation and the marketing of the stuff is extremely persuasive. we are dealing with a kind of tough situation here. but we do need to keep talking to our kids and some combination of all of the things you mentioned might work. >> talk early and talk often. >> yes. >> caroline thank you. let's talk about the weather and bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. it looks windy. >> yes. like the rain is coming down. we had reports of some sprinkles in the skyline boulevard and up in oakland hills. earlier we will see rain in the bay area after midnight tonight. well in the north bay, the far north reaches and it will work its way south.
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beautiful sky out there with the blue in the stratus cumulus and it will thicken up. when the rainfalls, let's take a look at the satellite imagery. this system is coming in. rain will fall a tenth of an inch or a quarter in the heavier locations. in the mountains, maybe 8 or 9 inches of snow. some levels at a little more. 70s in concord and this temperature 72 in fremont. today cooler than yesterday and that's the trend. the lows are getting lower. record heat monday and tuesday and wednesday now temperatures are cooling down. and there is another shot. san jose and with good air equal and really a nice deal because it will get here friday and be gone by the weekend. your bay area week will be intact and you will do the
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things you want to do. a lot to do this weekend. cal is playing arizona at evans field. nice day to watch baseball. lots of sports around the bay area. tomorrow the rain will get here. tomorrow morning cloudy and showers and that will have an an impact on the highs. greens are 60s and i don't see 70s on there. it will be obviously mid 60s tomorrow. here is the model. five a.m. tomorrow morning. that's pretty heavy rain and 6:00 a.m. in the commute, there is 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. into san jose. the morning commute, might be dicey. friday morning. not a lot of rain but enough that it doesn't take much and secondary wave at lunch time and that slides through and by 5:00 clearing off.
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the model consistent with the timing. hopefully that is how it transpires. mid 60s unless you go further south. it will have the most impact on the north in terms of rain totals. temperatures in the south bay warmer. you got them, showers on friday and bay the bay area weekend and it never really heats up with a little troughyness where the pressure won't dominate and the temperatures in the 60s and by tuesday maybe showers and nice setup for the bay area week and it will not bull's-eye with rainfall. we will see a nice looking bay area week. thank you, bill. looks good. let's go to julie and a look at stories we are working for fox 2 news at five. the fight continues there in the city. >> keba the ongoing battle between the san francisco police department and the district attorney, george escon is heating up. the police union released new
4:49 pm
video on youtube the serious allegations against the d.a. and he is responding. >> target making headlines. >> concerning transgender customers and what it will affect. >> and the tributes continue to pour in for prince and gathering more information following the sudden death of the music legend and we will have the stories and more at five. julie, we will see you then. stay with us
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talking politics. hillary clinton and donald trump have leads in the delegates counts but opponents are making it difficult for both front runners to clench
4:52 pm
the nomination but with all five eastern states favoring the leaders, the question remains whether or not it is simply too late for anyone to stop donald trump or hillary clinton. reporter joe waldman is in washington with the latest from the campaign trail. >> pennsylvania and delaware and rhode island and maryland that could play a critical role in the nominees. bernie sanders is refusing to relent. >> we have very serious problems in this country and i think you all know that. >> clinton leading sanders by more than 200 delegates is brushing off a new nickname crooked hillary clinton. she is focused on the big issues facing our nation. >> you can talk about wall street, drug companies, insurance companies, big oil,
4:53 pm
they are all powerful, don't get me wrong, nobody is more powerful than the gun lobby. we have to turn this into a voting issue. >> on the republican side donald trump is the only one with a viable chance of get to go to magic number of 1237 delegates before the july gop convention in cleveland and neither ted cruz or john kaisch that responding the rnc meeting yesterday are willing to give into the billionaire. today they are back on the campaign trail vowing to keep the fight alive. >> i believe the people of maryland wanted to get behind a positive optimistic forward looking conservative campaign based on policy and ideas and solutions. >> 172 more republican delegates will be on the line when voters hit the poll tuesday. still today ted cruz says it will come down to the last contest, california. in washington, joe waldman, fox news. a new fishing scam.
4:54 pm
take a look. one of the messages sent to an apple user. the id is due to expire and they should click on the link to confirm the details. the link is a very convincing looking fake apple web site according to the independent when users enter their account name and password they get a message saying the account has been locked for security reasons. and then it asks them to enter their credit card and other information. so apple is telling its users never to send passwords and account information to unverified web sites. >> a royal affair and national holiday in britain. queen elizabeth turned 90 making her the oldest reigning monarch. the four on 2 will be right
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
back. people across great britain are celebrating a birthday. queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. >> thousands of people gathered near windsor castle to wish their beloved monarch a happy birthday. people greeted her with british flags and handmade cards and
4:58 pm
very many good wishes. >> she is so generous with her passion to the country and she wanted to share. >> she has been cutting back on official duties but she attends hundreds of events. windsor castle 20 miles outside of london is her week end home. the prime minister offered her happy birthday. >> her majesty has been steadfast. a rock of strength for our nation, for our commonwealth and on so many occasions for the whole world. she is our queen and we could not be more proud of her. happy birthday your majesty and long may you continue to reign over us all. this afternoon the queen led the first of more than one thousand torches and bond fires
4:59 pm
across the the country honoring her 64 years. let's go to julie and fox ng news when we learned that prince had been found dead at his home. tonight the bay area remembers prince rogers nelson, the man that wrote hit songs for 40 years and filled an arena here last month. ktvu fox 2 news at five starts now. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.
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>> just hard to believe this is true that prince is dead at the age of 57. this is video of him at the super bowl half-time show 9 years ago. again prince only 57. he died at his home and recording studio outside of minneapolis. he was found unconscious in an elevator and pronounced dead. a memorial of purple flowers and notes and cards is growing at paisley park, that's the name of the compound you see where prince lived. he performed for fans saturday night and joked about his health. you will recall his plane had to make an emergency landing friday where people said that prince was suffering from severe flu symptoms. the coroner will try to figure out what killed prince. his career included 39 albums and he sold over one hundred million records making him one of


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